About Retail Brokers Account

We offer a series of products designed to aide Retail Brokers in two ways. First, we provide 144 data to be used as a prospecting tool. The 144 database enables us to create a list of individuals ABOUT to sell stock. This can screened by location of the insider, the size of the transaction and the date of the trade. Address information is available.

Secondly, we provide tools to better enable you to determine which stocks to look at - and which to avoid. Our Insider Database offers several reports; view all the insider trading for a specific stock, screen the entire insider database for certain types of insider trades, and report/screen on the Vickers Company Indices (this is our proprietary index which ranks stocks based upon the insider trading trends. A high index value reflects positive insider trading activity).

The newest addition is our Insider Prophets Report. This report ranks each insider by their past ability to predict the future of their company's stock price.

We also offer holdings data for 5% holders (submitting forms 13D, 13G and 14d-1) and Institutions. This enables you to view the stocks held by large institutions and to see which stocks the institutions are buying or selling.