About Institutional Professionals

Vickers provides reports designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of the Institutional Professional. Our database includes stock holdings data for US and Non US institutions, 5% Holders and Corporate Insiders.

For example, you may monitor the institutional holdings, view the detailed contact information for buy-side firms, perform peer analysis to see the institutional holdings for all the stocks within your customized "stock group" or run Industry Comparison Reports to get an overall view of the institutional holdings trend for your "industry". Our institutional historical holdings database dates back to June 1991 (the most current 12 quarters are readily available via the web-site).

Secondly, we provide tools to better enable you to determine which stocks to look at - and which to avoid. Our Insider Database offers several reports; view all the insider trading for a specific stock, screen the entire insider database for certain types of insider trades, and report/screen on the Vickers Company Indices (this is our proprietary index which ranks stocks based upon the insider trading trends. A high index value reflects positive insider trading activity). The newest addition is our Insider Prophets Report. This report ranks each insider by their past ability to predict the future of their company's stock price.

The 5% Database enables you to a create a report by stock or by filer.

All reports offer the flexibility to view and sort results online, or download to a spreadsheet file to save for future reference.